The beauty industry now, I believe, more than ever is oozing so much talent, women and men are grasping hold of the industry and creating successful businesses with entrepreneurial attitudes towards an industry with many critics!

When I left school, those who went on to practice hair or beauty were seen as not academically minded. Not in the slightest bit true but  there was a stigmatism attached to the industry, this was not one I have shared, but have felt. People sometimes think I do beauty for a bit of extra cash, but it really is because I love it! It wasn’t an option that any careers advisor ever broached or recommended.

However, times have changed and now these are subjects you how can take whilst at school, hopefully giving you a head start in your career. People are freelancing their work and have successfully created brands through their talent and the help of advertising on social media, building whole careers through this medium.

It’s inspiring to see, and I would like to point out that the theory behind most beauty courses is overwhelming, you need to know what you’re talking about to perform a treatment well, so there is a lot of research that backs up the good people in the industry.

Personally, I had no real idea what I wanted to do when I left school, I was interested in makeup and anything beauty related, but being indecisive by nature I hadn’t really considered it as a career maybe because of the stigmatism and maybe because I was at that point attracted to the thought of working in the City. I decided to embark on training later than most, which was slightly terrifying, learning a whole new set of skills!

From my training I have created a small business to run alongside my 9-5 which I love, it’s hard work juggling both and trying to do them both well. I do have my off days where I doubt myself or do something wrong, but this is normal, no one is perfect!

One lady who has helped the beauty industry, created her own successful business where she is the boss and who has been established for many years is Kim Lawless ‘The Waxing Queen’.

I am a bit of a perfectionist and know the weaknesses in my treatments, naturally you will always be better at one thing over another, that’s ok and I am a strong believer in striving to be the best you can. I knew I didn’t feel overly confident in waxing and toyed with the idea of retraining so eventually bit the bullet and booked in with Kim as after all she is ‘The Wax Queen’ so who better to be trained by? My booking with Amy (PA) was easy and seamlessly done.

Kim is friendly and welcoming but also has a no nonsense approach. This may seem daunting but was merely a tool to help me improve and learn more, which I did. I learnt more in a day with Kim than I did on my NVQ training. I was recently given a great bit of advice; ‘to invest in people who invest in you,’ and Kim really does do this. She wants to not only be the best herself but wants her students to be the best, she will not pass you if she doesn’t think you are confident and capable enough, this may seem somewhat harsh but in this industry I feel we are let down so much by slap dash beauticians, MUA’s and hairdressers that we should celebrate those who want their students to achieve their full potential.

The training is not for the faint hearted, but please don’t let that put you off, we all knew what intimate waxing was when booking the course, you will come out feeling elated (and hair free) as you will have learnt a skill and learnt a skill well to add to your treatment list!

Kim is a successful business woman and a leading expert in her field, she has gone against the grain and has created her own techniques which she now shares with her students when training, she is an industry success story and allowed me the privilege to interview her to give an insight in to her career.

How did you start in your profession?
I trained in beauty when I was very young, but then worked in offices doing
beauty on the side, but waxing was always my thing. I had the most awful
Brazliian wax that left me traumatised, then I had the idea to develop my own
technique, and it all started from there.

The challenges you have faced?
I haven’t faced any challenges. Nothing frightens me, so even when I’m
down, I get straight back up. Of course, I’ve met a few smiling assassins
along the way, but I let Karma deal with them.

What do you think has been instrumental to your success?
Being a grafter. I’m 59yrs of age, but I’m working harder now than ever and
I’ve been blessed with lots of energy. I have my clients, my training school
and I’m now launching my own waxes. Life couldn’t be better.

Your biggest success?
I’ve never advertised in my life, so getting to where I am today through word
of mouth is amazing. Developing my own Brazilian waxing techniques for
men and women got my name out there, and the rest is history.

Your biggest setback?
I’ve not had any setbacks and fingers crossed, it stays that way.

Your passions outside of waxing?
Anything creative. I love singing and I am addicted to true crime drama’s.

A piece advice for people starting their own business within the
Keep your head down, work hard, and don’t compare yourself or your
business to anyone else. Be original. Don’t believe most things you read on
social media. Excel at one thing and become a leader in that field. Whatever
you choose to do……….. be bloody brilliant!

Kim Lawless
Kind Regards

So taking inspiration from Kim and her wanting to train scuccessful businesses for her students please remember, there is always room for another person in the industry if you are confident in your own work do not let the work of others interrupt what you are doing, lets support each other and work hard on ourselves, in Kim’s words ‘be bloody brilliant’

Let’s inspire each other by be unique!

Kim’s wax is available here