Hopefully I don’t sound too smug when I say I have always had relatively good skin. I would get the occasional spot as a teen, maybe a small outbreak but nothing too terrible, and didn’t do anything for it. I would sunbed (facial tanner on full), I didn’t drink a lot of water, I LOVE chocolate, so I never really deserved my skin and was  I never really was grateful of this until I got into my twenties. As a teenager, into your early twenties you think that anti-aging is for older women, but you start losing the elasticity from around 25 so taking early steps can slow down this process.

You start noticing small changes to your face during your 20’s and I suddenly realised I wanted to keep my good skin! Obviously, nature takes its course but I would trial most products to slow this down, my friends always laugh at me for this! I’ve always been good at removing my makeup of an evening (even after a night out) and having a good skincare routine.

I think you have to try a few things to know what is right for your skin, my skin can react to products so I have to be careful with that sometimes, and also you learn not to over process your skin, this was mainly through trial and error of trying to attack a spot and making it worse! I was pleased with my skin and the ease I had with it.

This changed in July 2017. I started a new job and the worst, for me, happened. My skin erupted into around 1000 tiny volcanos on my face. I thought it had finally caught up with me. I was so upset, people I knew would comment as they weren’t used to seeing my skin so angry and aggressive with spots. It all sounds very dramatic but I finally understood why people got so upset about their skin. I used to say to people it’s only a spot, cover it up, but even as a MUA myself I found this hard to do as they were so active.

My skin was its most worst on my chin which is hormone related. I think also being in the process of buying my first home and a new job was stressful, and although I didn’t feel it my skin certainly did.

I was willing to try anything and needed to drastically change my routine. I tried facials but found that the products would aggravate it more. I then tried a chemical peel from Flawless Faces. This seemed to work so I continued with it and much to my utter delight my skin did start to clear. After my spots started to clear up, I was left with very uneven skin due to the scaring and me picking! So I deciding to try Derma Planing.

In brief Derma Planing is a deep exfoliation treatment, and a great treatment for those of you with excess vellus hair (the fuzz on our faces). Vellus hair can cause build ups of debris and oil in the follicles of the hair. Once removed, your skin is free to glow.

Removing the hair and debris from skin allows your skin care products to penetrate better whilst using less product. Derma Planing helps reduce the appearance of scaring and fine lines and wrinkles and help even skin tone. It produces immediate results without any downtime.

Because this worked so well for me and I felt so terrible about my 6 month bout of bad skin, I looked into introducing this to my treatments because I wanted to make people feel better about their skin, providing a real solution for certain skin issues. I looked into training in derma planning. I did some research (as always) and started talking to a few training academies about the course. The one I felt most comfortable with and most helpful was Eclipse (based in Kent but have no opened up an Essex branch). Lola was there to answer every question I had before I booked the course, she is honestly a fountain of knowledge and I have never felt so comfortable on a course, what she doesn’t know about skin, isn’t worth knowing!

Personally I loved the treatment and would not add a treatment to my list unless I loved it (learnt this overtime). My skin was smooth and soft and my make up literally glided on. I was complimented on my complexion again!

My Skin Care Routine:

Wash my makeup off using Aveno cleanser, double cleanse once to remove make up and once to cleanse using Clarisonic.
Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Toner
Night serum- Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Moisturiser – Aveno/ Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Magic Cream
Eye cream- Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue
Once a week Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque

Since training in Planing I have trained in Derma Roller (my new love) and chemical skin peels so I look forward to sharing more insight into these treatments.