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Spray Tanning

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Spray Tanning

I am qualified in Sienna X Spray Tanning since 2012 with over six years experience, and offer fast developing tans in a range of shades.

Sienna X is the chosen tan for strictly come dancing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Spray tanning works by applying a special mist to the body. This mist is sprayed onto the body. The mist emitted contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a chemical that reacts with dead skin cells by cosmetically dyeing them brown. I provide 3 shades of tan, dependent on client’s preference and also a quick developer for those last minute tans.

Long does it take/last?

Treatment’s take 30 minutes (including time to dry) and it lasts 4- 7 days dependant on your aftercare. 

What aftercare in involved?

1. Avoid harsh face washes and body gels. Once you’ve achieved your golden glow do your best to stop using shower gel that dries out the skin. If the skin dries out, the top layer of cells that have been darkened with fake take will begin to be sloughed off and therefore reduce the life cycle of your tan.

2. Follow up with plenty of moisturiser. Do your best to replenish the loss of any moisture that does occur with a high quality moisturiser.

For prep and pro long products please visit Sienna X.

Sienna X Spray Tanning prices:

Full body – £15
Leg – £10

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