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There’s still nothing quite like waxing for that smooth feel and appearance.

Having been trained by ‘The Wax Queen’, Kim Lawless, in intimate hot wax, I am able to provide a wide range of waxing treatments that ensure utmost comfort and longevity.  


Trained in intimate hot wax by ‘The Wax Queen’ Kim Lawless

Waxing prices:

Eyebrows – £5
Top Lip – £5
Chin – £5
Underarm – £8
Half Leg – £10
Full Leg – £15
Half Arm – £8
Full Arm – £12
Back Or Chest – £15
Bikini – £10
Hollywood (Hot Wax) – £20

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Hot wax is applied with a wooden spatula, once it has set is removed by hand. Waxing is the most effective method to remove hair temporarily. 

Long does it take/last?

20-30 Minutes
4 weeks between appointments

What aftercare in involved?
  • Avoid heat treatments, including hot baths and showers, steam, saunas and Jacuzzi for 24hours
  • Avoid exposure to UV lights (including sunbeds for 24hours
  • Waxing removed dead skin so skin may seem lighter this with return to normal
  • Avoid deodorant, fake tan or anything perfumed for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • If redness is still present after 24hours or worsens, seek medical advice

Other waxing available also, please contact for more info

Kim Lawless Trained, please read my blog on my wax training here

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